Pre-prosthetic Surgery

This type of oral and maxillofacial surgery consists of procedures necessary to prepare your jaw for complete or partial dentures. Oftentimes these procedures can be done at the same time as the extraction of teeth, but may at times be done at a later time if required. Following these procedures, a healing period may be required prior to fabrication of your prosthesis.

Preparation for dentures may involve reduction of tori, which are formations of extra bone on the roof of the mouth or on the lower jawbone. While harmless for many patients, these formations of extra bone will often interfere with the proper fit of dentures. Likewise, similar formations of extra bone or gum tissue can at times need to be reduced to allow for optimum fit of your denture.

Other pre-prosthetic procedures may involve recontouring the underlying jawbone to remove irregularities that would not support a prosthesis properly.