Benefits of All-on-4®/Hybrid prosthetics

The All-on-4® Concept offers an excellent alternative to traditional dentures because the implants provide a secure, permanent anchorage of your prosthesis. The placement of the dental implants in the jawbone provides a sturdy foundation for your customized, natural-looking teeth. In many cases there is no need for a bone graft because the implants work together to provide excellent support for the full arch of natural-looking teeth. The teeth are permanently attached the same day, offering immediate full function. Denture wearers also appreciate the improvement in foods tastes, the ability to eat a full range of foods, and the ease of care. This streamlined technique is cost-effective when compared to conventional dental implants, and patients are highly satisfied with the results.

What to Expect with Treatment

Your oral surgeon will meet with you to develop a treatment plan. This consultation may include x-rays, impressions, and other measurements. At your surgical appointment, the surgeon will complete any necessary extractions and place the dental implants for anchorage of your prosthesis. The procedure is usually done in the office with intravenous sedation. Regular follow ups allow the surgeon to ensure your replacement teeth are functioning properly.